We have received an ownership change form for this number: (XXXXXXXX). Before we can process the changes, a credit check is required of the new owner which is [Navn].

Unfortunately the credit check was rejected and therefore we cannot process the change of ownership on this subscription.

Those who do not get an approved credit check can choose the subscription types Talkmore Forhåndsbetalt and Kortbetaling (payment with creditcard).

These are subscriptions that are prepaid, so a credit check is not neccessary.

A change of subscription type happens from the 1st of every month as long as the change is ordered by the 25th in the current month.

If you want Fastpris Kontant, you have to change from invoice-based billing to a prepaid-based billing via "Mine sider" and activate the "AutoPåfyll" service.

Please contact us if any of this is unclear. Also remember to contact us if you want to change the ownership on one of the subscription types mentioned.

You can find information about our Fastpris Kontant-subscriptions at talkmore.no/kontant